We enable educators to teach digital skills

Codenbeyond learning programs focus on digital skills rooted in coding, including website, app, and game development, product management, user experience, and user interface design, data science, and more.

Learn By Doing

Lessons simulate work done in the professional world



Real Coding Experience

Text-based coding in a professional interface.


Transferable Skills

Critical and computational thinking, communication, creativity, and more.

Student Agency

Students build a future ready portfolio to enhance and display their learning


Comprehensive 3-12 curriculum library

for tech classes, core subjects and career-focused learning

Tech Ready

3 courses, each course is 40 hours, tech class learning progression.

  • Build digital artifacts with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Design & Computational Thinking, User Experience
  • Understand and execute real-world applications of technology

Tech Connected

18 projects ,45-90 mins long that can be adapted to any subject

  •  3 levels of difficulty
  • Increase engagement
  •  Reinforce learning
  • Present ideas
  •  Project based learning

Tech Novators

0 courses, 25 hours each for fun, informal tech learning.

  • Game Development
  • AI and Virtual Reality
  • App Development
  • Tech Entrepreneur



Tech Future

6 courses, each course is 40 hours, career focused digital skills learning.

  • Tech Foundations
  • Programming
  • Design and UX
  • Data
  • Digital Marketing

Students Learn Hard, Cognitive, & Soft Skills

Students develop essential digital skills that prepare them for their careers and life

coding classes for kids

● Hard Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
● Cognitive Skills: Critical, computational & design thinking
● Soft Skills: Communication, collaboration, empathy

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Not a Product, a Partner


Your strategic partner to rely on to start, strengthen, scale and sustain your technology, digital skills, and coding education initiatives.


You supporting partner, always there with an online learning tool, curriculum, training, and coaching to enable your teaching of digital skills.

Unrivaled support for in-person and remote learning!

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Combined with the Proven Teaching Methods for Easy Understanding & Technical Concepts

Unrivaled support for in-person and remote learning!

Platform Codenbeyond Online

Not just an interface, a pedagogical tool for teaching and learning.

Training PD & Coaching

Beyond platform orientation, teachers gain tech skills and get tailored coaching.

Content Learning Library

Save hours pulling disparate resources together. Tap into our fully-resourced curricula.

Just 2 hours to onboard and start teaching!

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Skill building

Curriculum familiarization

Start teaching!

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